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Care Instructions


Cabrio Leather
A soft dry cloth to maintain sheen and wipe oil any dirt or scuff. Can use neutral leather cream.

Cow Fur
A light spray of commercial waterproofing and spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

Embossed Leather
A soft dry cloth to maintain sheen and wipe off any dirt or scuff.

A suede cleaner and/or soft brush are the best on this type of leather. You can also spot clean with a damp cloth.

Patent Leather
Wipe down with soap and water or with a clean damp or soft dry cloth.

Polyurethane Leather
Wipe down with warm water on cloth and soap.

Suede cleaner or damp cloth to spot treat will work well for printed suede. Suede cleaner and brush work well to raise the nap and clean plain suede. Protect with waterproof spray.

Textured Oiled Leather
Our oiled leathers have a heavy oil finish and scuffs can easily be rubbed out. Clean with water or soap on a damp cloth. Spots can also be brushed off with a soft metal brush before adding oil leather restorer for an upper in nearly new condition.

Our various textiles can be cleaned with a damp cloth unless other wise specified.


Polyurethane Outsoles
Clean with water or soap on a damp cloth. When you dry the shoes after cleaning, never leave them on a hot spot, as it will make the leather shrink and pull the clog and footbed out of shape. Keep the shoes dry, store in a climate controlled environment, and wear regularly – if moisture is allowed to accumulate in the PU outsole, this could lead to hyrdrolosis and a disintegration of the outsole.

Wood Outsoles
Clean with warm soapy water on a damp cloth. Water will not damage the wood, the important thing is to dry slowly – no direct sunlight or on a hot surface. If a piece chips off the sole, it can be glued back on. Wood that has faded can be freshened up using oil, furniture stain or wood dye.